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The used car year 2021
by Timo Joost

The ongoing Corona pandemic and chip shortages hit used car dealers pretty hard in 2021. However, the slumps are not as severe as many expected.

What car dealers need to know now about the new changes to the reversal of the burden of proof
by Christoph Adunka

The legal warranty has always been an important topic for car sellers. Find out here what the far-reaching changes to the reversal of the burden of proof mean and what you now have to bear in mind.

Everything you need to know about the standard consumption tax (NoVa)
by Felix Harseim

The so-called NoVa tax concerns all car dealers who do business with vehicles in or from Austria. We have summarized the most important points for you.

Selling successfully on car dealer platforms: Tips for ideal photos and descriptions
by Doris Bauer

Well-known dealer platforms such as or Autoscout24 offer dealers great opportunities. These opportunities should be used consistently in the face of rising costs. Here's what you need to know.

Women at CarOnSale
by Samantha Ridder

What is it like to work at CarOnSale as a woman? In this post, female colleagues have their say about their experiences at CarOnSale.

Digital car auction: Sell trade-ins quickly and transparently
by Oguz Özgüler

A study by Autohaus Magazine found that 64% of dealerships still rely on local buyers to market dealer vehicles. Here's why it's worth making the switch

The used car year 2020
by Samantha Ridder

A tumultuous used car year is coming to a close. Here are the facts, figures and figures for the past year and what the potential is for dealers.

Corona help for used car dealers
by Halit Özdemir

The effects of the shutdown to contain the Corona pandemic are being felt strongly by the car trade. Learn now what financial assistance is available to auto dealers

Working at CarOnSale
by Carl Wollenhaupt

As part of the CarOnSale team, you work with a wide variety of people on interesting topics and exciting challenges. You can find out exactly what sets us apart in this blog post.

Audit compliance at the dealership
by Oguz Özgüler

Are you familiar with favors, small gratuities or baksheesh? Then you should urgently strive for audit-proof processes in your car dealership. Because at the latest during the audit, it becomes clear that there are great risks lurking here for you and your company.

Making the transition from traditional to online car sales
by Samantha Ridder

In this blog article, Samantha Ridder explains what it takes to be successful as a car dealer in online trading.

Buying used cars in cash - what you should know
by Christoph Adunka

The purchase of used cars in Germany still often takes place in cash. This has certain advantages, but also involves risks for both buyer and seller. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages for you and show you possible alternatives.

The most important liability issues for dealers when selling to end customers
by Oguz Özgüler

Liability in the car trade can be complicated. At the same time, it can lead to major problems for the dealer. That's why we've briefly summarized the most important information for you.

How you as a car dealer can increase your revenues at car auctions
by Halit Özdemir

The result of the Corona crisis is increased margin pressure for dealers. This is another reason to rework the remarketing business. The most important success criteria for good remarketing revenues can be found here.

Digitalization at the dealership succeeds with these 5 tips
by Christoph Adunka

Digitization continues to be one of the defining issues in stationary retail. This article provides you with five concrete recommendations for action to make it a success.