Our new COSCheck Plus warranty is here!

With the COSCheck Plus warranty, you protect yourself against undetected mechanical damage

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You can get the COSCheck Plus warranty already for 150€ 99€

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Costs incurred are covered by us up to 5000 Euro

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In addition, you can extend the warranty period to 7 days

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Our COSCheck Plus warranty

Here you will find all information about our COSCheck Plus Guarantee.

What damages are covered?

- Engine damage
- Connecting rod and main bearing damage
- Gearbox damage
- Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical damage to the steering system
- Compressor damage to the air conditioning system
- Damage to the battery

You will find detailed information about which parts are covered for which vehicle in the
Auction details or in the warranty conditions.

How long is the warranty valid?

- 3 days (standard)
- 7 days (when booking the extended warranty)

How many kilometers can I drive the vehicle without voiding the warranty?

After purchasing the warranty, you have 1000 km at your disposal to check the covered components at full speed.

How much will the warranty cost me?

- COSCheck Plus warranty: 150 Euro 99 €
- Warranty extension: 75 Euro

How can I book the warranty?

The warranty must be selected in the payment window before purchase. Soon the warranty can also be purchased after the purchase in the "My buyers" overview.

Why can't I purchase warranty for some vehicles?

The COSCheck Plus warranty is only available for vehicles that have been inspected by CarOnSale (COSCheck) and meet the following criteria:

- under 200.000 km mileage
- maximum 20 years old
- no commercial vehicles
- no electric vehicles