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Access to thousands of
vehicles across Europe

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Access to thousands of
traders across Europe


Access to thousands of
vehicles across Europe

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The simple operation and our fully comprehensive service save you time. From the preparation of a detailed condition report to vehicle transport - we take care of everything!  
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Thanks to our innovative solutions, we find the right vehicle for the right buyer at favourable conditions. 
Without risk! Fees only apply in the event of a successful transaction.
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We provide you with a personal contact person whom you can reach at any time - whether by phone, email or on site.
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What our customers say about us

Bünyamin Solak
I am very satisfied with the site. Every problem is solved without delay. The site is very straightforward and easy to use. Very helpful and friendly staff. I can only praise my contact person Ms. Burcu, she is always available and helps with every issue. :)
Autopark Castrop-Rauxel
Good service thanks to our contact person Ms Kaloglou. She is and was very helpful and courteous. We have only had good experiences with CarOnSale. Accordingly, always happy to do business with us again!
Andreas Hubert
The platform works smoothly! I can only report positive things about this.
Sławomir Pietrzak
Very nice and competent people who work at Caronsale. Very good contact and every time a smooth transaction. Participating in the auctions at Caronsale are always pleasant and professionally conducted. Greetings to the whole team and I will certainly recommend you to others.
Edon Vrella
They are professionals! Very patient and friendly, was supported step by step!
Irgen Bathorja
Very nice and friendly team. I can only recommend the CarOnSale platform for other dealers.

Used car auctions for dealers - CarOnSale

CarOnSale offers a digital auction platform for car dealerships and car dealers. This facilitates B2B used car trading, i.e. trading between tradesmen. How do car auctions for dealers work?

CarOnSale for sellers

If you are a car dealer and would like to sell your used cars via our portal, you can book a CarOnSale vehicle appraiser after registering. To do this, simply make an appointment for the experienced appraiser to visit you and inspect all the cars you would like to offer for remarketing in used car auctions. On this basis, we will prepare a detailed condition report - the basis for every listing in the auction, so that you can achieve the highest possible returns in car auctions for dealers.

Subsequently, your vehicles will be offered at our car auctions. Through the CarOnSale platform, you have full visibility into the status of the auctions at all times. You can also track the payment transactions through our platform's own payment system, COSPay, so that you can release your automobiles to the buyer without hesitation.

As a special service, we provide you as a registered seller with a personal contact person. This person will take care of communication with potential buyers and advise you on all matters relating to B2B used car sales. The car auctions thus run completely smoothly for you! For our comprehensive service, we only charge you a small fee per auctioned vehicle in the event of success - this means that you retain full cost control and can make reliable calculations even before the auction. There are no additional costs for the vehicle valuation, the professional preparation of the advertisement and the personal contact person.

To round off our offer, COSCargo provides you with an inexpensive transport option for your dealer vehicles. You can use this service not only for vehicles from B2B used car auctions, but it is also available for all transports, for example for the transport of accident vehicles.

CarOnSale for buyers

As a dealer, our B2B used vehicle marketing offers you an uncomplicated option for purchasing vehicles. In doing so, you benefit from a large selection of tested used vehicles and favorable prices.

After registering as a car dealer, you can start searching for your desired vehicles right away thanks to our comprehensive search filters. If there is nothing for you, you are welcome to let our platform for used car trading inform you automatically as soon as we have suitable car auctions for you.

If you have an automobile in mind, our detailed appraisal report will allow you to immediately assess the condition of the vehicle. Damage and conspicuous features on the car are highlighted in color, and by clicking on the corresponding icons, you will receive helpful photo images of the dealer vehicles. In this way, you can literally get a picture of your desired vehicle. In addition, the COSCheck Plus guarantee offers you even more security when purchasing used cars from the Internet.

When evaluating dealer vehicles, our experienced appraisers fill out a 75-point checklist, which is also available to you for evaluating a used car. The detailed and meaningful information is designed to make it easier for you to bid on a used car deal.

Our services COSPay for uncomplicated payment and COSCargo for favorable vehicle transports are of course also available to you as a buyer at our B2B used car trade, as well as a personal contact person who can be contacted by phone, mail or WhatsApp.

The market price inquiry from CarOnSale

Our powerful used car remarketing tool for sellers is the market price inquiry. Based on numerous comparative data, the integrated algorithm determines the ideal remarketing price for you.

If you want to use our market price inquiry, all you have to do is enter the VIN (vehicle identification number), the date of first registration and the current mileage of the vehicle for which you want to determine the resale price into the mask. The algorithm will then calculate the expected CarOnSale selling price for you. Sellers can also enter their desired margin and the algorithm will calculate the recommended purchase price.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, with CarOnSale you can rely on a strong partner in the digital used car trade. Put your used car marketing in our hands, and we will reliably take care of all the tasks involved in remarketing B2B used cars. With the market price inquiry, we also offer you a platform with which you can assess the potential of a car with just a few clicks. CarOnSale - your marketplace for smooth used car trading!