The CarOnSale guarantee price

No risk with trade-ins! 

The CarOnSale guaranteed price already supports you when purchasing vehicles by eliminating your purchase risk with a guaranteed remarketing price of the vehicle on CarOnSale! Protect your margin already at the time of purchase!

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1. market price inquiry

Determine daily market prices in a matter of seconds by means of a market price inquiry.

The adjustable trading margin enables the fixing of margins in the purchase and remarketing process.
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2. warranty price request

After the market price inquiry, a guaranteed price request including damage assessment can be submitted.

Within 20 minutes you will receive a guaranteed minimum price.
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3. guarantee price protection

The offer is valid for 2 weeks.

After acceptance, you have the option to secure the guarantee price for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days.
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Your advantages from the guaranteed price at a glance

  • Our experts will insure your guaranteed price within a few minutes
  • Your guaranteed price can be secured over your desired time period
  • We will cover the costs of the guaranteed price request should the minimum price not be reached in the auction
  • As a consignor, you will receive 100% of the excess proceeds should the auction price be higher than the guaranteed price
  • As a seller, you will have immediate access to the amounts due to you
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