Women at CarOnSale

by Samantha Ridder

Do Sophie Opel, Alice Ramsay and Eliška Junková mean anything to you? If not, it's probably because these women, despite their great achievements in the automotive world, have often been overshadowed by men. But don't worry - first of all, we're not in 1926 anymore, and secondly, at CarOnSale they all get the recognition they deserve. Empowerment, development and respect allow all our team members to reach their full potential. Become a part of the CarOnSale family now and change the future of B2B used car retail with us.

Voices from the team

Aynaz (Data)

I first read about CarOnSale when I was looking for a new job. Since the company was a startup, I couldn't find that much information about what CarOnSale does other than, "CarOnsale enables frictionless B2B automotive commerce."

In today's world, you can't enable a frictionless marketplace unless you combine traditional and digital methods. At the same time, that means you have to be a technology-focused and data-driven company if you want to be successful! That was reason enough for me to learn more about CarOnSale and so I applied! Shortly after I started, my first impression was confirmed as CarOnSale is definitely a tech/data driven company!

I know that a B2B marketplace for cars might sound like a men's club, but we are not! CarOnSale is the place for anyone who likes to work in a great team! So forget about old stereotypes! If you're looking for a new challenge and want to work in an inspiring environment, come join us!

Samantha (Sales)

If there's one thing everyone at CarOnSale can attest to about me, it's this: cars are my passion. This huge passion for cars meant that I was in perfect hands here from the very beginning. But what I like even more about CarOnSale is the incredible team I work with. We all have the goal of always keeping our focus on the customer. To achieve this goal, everyone pitches in and supports each other. Every opinion is important, every voice carries weight. 

That's how we make CarOnSale what it is together: a super product for our customers and a great place to work for everyone on the team.

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