Working at CarOnSale

by Carl Wollenhaupt

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If you were to ask someone at CarOnSale what the work is like, you would get many different answers. What they would probably all tell you is, there is always something going on and the teamwork is a lot of fun.

What makes CarOnSale stand out above all else is the many different types of our team. We have a wide variety of backgrounds, personalities, interests and professional orientations coming together. And because we value this diversity in the team and are proud of our culture, we would like to give you a few insights into the day-to-day work of different departments today.

The Tech Team

We offer our customers a digital solution in the car trade. Our colleagues in Development are constantly building and developing this solution. Whether it s working on the front-end or back-end, whether data is collected and evaluated or bugs need to be fixed - our Techies are driven by the motivation to make our technical solutions the best on the market.

The employees in our tech teams have their professional background mainly in computer science, but there are also career changers who have developed into real rock stars through practical contact with coding and are indispensable to CarOnSale.

We are constantly expanding our tech team and are therefore permanently looking for people who enjoy solving exciting tasks in the team. What counts for us is not only your professional experience, but above all your drive and enthusiasm for technical solutions. In return, we offer you a great working atmosphere, reasonable pay, opportunities for advancement and development, and work with the best tools on the market. 

How do we ensure that everyone in the team feels comfortable?

Every week there is a survey of all employees about the current situation at CarOnSale. In addition to tips on problems at work, employees can also leave suggestions and wishes here. These surveys are basically anonymous to allow a free expression of opinion even to superiors. 

The results of the survey serve as the most important indicator of the mood in the team and are discussed weekly by management. In addition, management presents the survey results to the team on a weekly basis to provide full transparency. This way, no employee concern is lost and issues can be resolved quickly and easily.

Our vehicle evaluators

CarOnSale does not sell a product, but provides solutions to customers. These solutions are brought to the road by our vehicle evaluators. They are the direct contact to customers and visit them regularly to record vehicles for our platform.

Our vehicle valuers have gasoline in their blood, a lot of passion and broad knowledge about cars. They use these qualities to prepare detailed condition reports and thus ensure the high quality of the vehicles on our platform. Because we at CarOnSale are convinced that we need to provide transparency to our customers in order to convince them of our solutions. 

Because of this ambition and our rapid growth, we continue to look for vehicle evaluators who will put a face to CarOnSale to the customer. If you have worked with cars in the past and are interested in a new challenge, you can find more information about this in the careers section of our website

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Equal opportunity and equality

Discrimination of any kind has no place at CarOnSale! We have opened several communication channels to identify problems early and intervene. Thus, in addition to the weekly surveys on satisfaction and suggestions for improvement in the company, employees have the opportunity to send anonymous mails to our HR department. 

In addition, it is important to us to actively promote diversity in the team. We are convinced that promoting diversity leads to a better team feeling, more creativity and to long-term success. 

Our values

Our values should guide us in our daily work and have been created in workshops in our team. In this way, we want to ensure that they are truly represented by all team members and that all personalities are reflected in them.

Customer Focus

Our platform is designed to solve problems for our customers. All processes in the company are therefore geared towards benefiting our customers in the end.

One Team

We are one team and stand up for each other. Whether internally or to outsiders, we support each other and help each other get better.


We take responsibility for the things we do. It is important to us that everyone on the team has responsibility and can grow from it.


We are true to our word and work diligently. We believe that honesty lasts the longest and therefore leads to our long-term success.

Process Excellence

Our solutions are only as good as the processes behind them. Cleanly planned processes enable us to deliver high-quality solutions to our customers.

Think big

Together, we pursue a big goal. To achieve this goal, each and every one of us must be willing to believe in great things and make them possible together.

Strong opinions, loosely held

Each team member should hold their opinions, in front of everyone on the team. At the same time, we want to remain open to other opinions and use data as a basis for decision-making.


CarOnSale exists because our founders decided not only to think an idea, but to make it. Even if something may go wrong in the first attempt, we want to do things and not just dream.

What drives us

We are a team united by a great vision: To enable frictionless trading of dealer vehicles. To achieve this goal, we work together to solve problems for our customers. 

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