The Vebeg GmbH is a trust company, which is charged with the utilization of property of the federal government and was founded in 1951. The name then stood for Verwertungsgesellschaft für besatzungseigene Güter, but nowadays Vebeg is the company name. The Federal Republic of Germany is the sole shareholder and the company is represented by the Federal Ministry of Finance. The tasks of Vebeg include tasks related to the sale of used goods. These used goods come mainly from the Bundeswehr or other government agencies. The goods also include used cars, airplanes, helicopters, clothing, technical material and much more. Meanwhile, Vebeg GmbH also offers an online auction platform. On this platform, private customers, as well as commercial enterprises can bid for the offered goods. 

So is the Vebeg Gmbh worthwhile for the purchase of used cars? If you are looking for a particular vehicle, especially a former Bundeswehr or government vehicle, you can certainly find. Nevertheless, for the business purchase of used cars, one should resort to a platform designed for this purpose. We at CarOnSale offer simply and transparently the business purchase of used cars.

  • The VEBEG GmbH is a subsidiary of the federal government
  • The name stands for "Verwertungsgesellschaft für besatzungseigene Güter"
  • The auction items of VEBEG come from the Bundeswehr or government agencies

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