The Auktion & Markt AG is an auction house founded in 1988 and operates various auction platforms with physical and digital auctions. Originally founded in Wiesbaden, the company started with the auction of vehicles on site, to end customers as well as dealers. After several years of this form of business, Auktion & Markt decided to exclude end customers from the business and focus on professional trading of used cars. In 2003, Auktion & Markt, founded the digital car exchange for dealers, This auction platform is used solely for online auctions in the B2B sector. One year later, in 2004, the company was transformed into a stock corporation. Over the following years, Auktion & Markt expanded the business across Europe, with representatives in Luxembourg, Romania, Poland and Latvia.

In 2013, Auktion & Markt added another business area, the auction platform for real estate, The auctions in this area of Auction & Market focus on commercial real estate.

With the establishment of the new division Classicbid in 2014, Auction & Market expanded the offer for the car trade. Classicbid offers exclusively the trade and auctions of classic vehicles. 

Auction & Markt now markets mainly lease returns, trade-ins, accident vehicles as well as commercial vehicles through Autobid.

  • Auktion & Mart is known primarily with the Autobid brand
  • The company offers with Propertybid and Classicbid other brands
  • Since 1988, the company is active as an auction house

Auktion & Markt

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