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Alle Fakten für Autohändler

The car trade in Germany thrives on two different forms of sales. The sale to private individuals and the sale to other dealers...

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The car trade in Germany lives on two different forms of sale. The sale to private individuals and the sale to other dealers. The latter is referred to as B2B trade. The B2B offer is mainly handled via digital and physical auctions and is constantly expanding. 

Auto auctions for dealers are exclusive for people with a registered trade in the automotive industry. With the increasing number of digital platforms for car auctions for dealers, the choice and flexibility is also increasing. Previously, the normal way to buy or sell used cars was restricted locally. This restriction is now obsolete. But the car auctions for dealers also pose challenges. 

To effectively participate in auctions here should first of all thoroughly compare the different providers. The second challenge in car auctions for dealers on the Internet is that the vehicles can not be personally inspected. Here you should look at what effort the auction platform makes to ensure that the listings are complete and truthful. At CarOnSale we have our own evaluators who go to the dealerships and record the vehicles by condition report. Do you ever want to participate in car auctions for dealers, then simply and quickly sign up with CarOnSale and expand their sources for used cars.

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