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Alle Fakten für Autohändler

Every vehicle that has been damaged in an accident is called an accident vehicle. Any damage, of course, leads directly to a reduction in value. Nevertheless...

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Every vehicle that has been damaged by an accident is called an accident car. Each damage leads of course directly to a depreciation. Nevertheless, the amount of this depreciation is often difficult to determine for the untrained eye. For knowledgeable prospective buyers, damaged vehicles and accident cars often offer a good opportunity to obtain vehicles or spare parts at a favorable price. In order to be able to be sure with a purchase decision with damaged vehicles and accident cars naturally the accident history and repairs must be analyzed exactly. Also the salesman must take a close look at the vehicle and describe the vehicle condition in detail. Otherwise, if the damage is concealed, the sales contract could be cancelled. Buying damaged vehicles and accident cars requires a good eye and expertise. Digital marketplaces can help both parties, buyers and sellers, with the entire process. CarOnSale helps sellers reliably determine condition through its own valuers. This helps buyers make an informed purchase decision. Moreover, the advanced search feature ideally assists buyers to buy damaged vehicles and crashed cars.

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