Both the ministries, authorities and administrations of the federal government and the states have large fleets of vehicles. These fleets must be constantly modernized, which leads to a large supply of used vehicles. These official vehicles are often sold by auction. There are a few things to consider when auctioning off government vehicles. The first important question is whether you can inspect the authority vehicles before you buy them. This depends on who organizes the auction. 

Platforms like or Vebeg, which organize such auctions, store the vehicles all over Germany. For this reason, it is difficult to be able to inspect authority vehicles. This raises the question of whether the description of the vehicles is accurate. The condition and value of the vehicles is often assessed by an appraiser, but a warranty, as well as guarantee, are explicitly excluded. This means that you buy authority vehicles at your own risk. 

Overall, you can often find only slightly lower prices for authority vehicles, but a significant risk. There are providers of used car auctions, which minimize the risk for the buyer. Commercial buyers in particular should tend to focus on such platforms, as the risk is significantly higher with authority vehicles. We at CarOnSale offer with our own evaluators and our COSCheck, a completely transparent condition report.

  • Government vehicles are vehicles that have been sorted out of government fleets
  • Government vehicles often cannot be inspected before purchase
  • Platforms such as Vebeg organize sales of former government vehicles

Government vehicles

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