As accident exchange, one designates a platform, on which buyers, accident vehicles or vehicles with total loss, can ersteigern. Overall, accident exchanges are used by many parties to buy and sell. Generally, the market for used cars is much larger than for accident vehicles, so many platforms combine accident exchanges with the used car trade. 

One difficulty in using a pure accident exchange is that you have to pay close attention to the purchase conditions to learn what you buy. Otherwise, buying and selling vehicles on used car portals and accident exchanges are similar. Sellers must provide vehicle information and buyers can bid on these vehicles in a variety of ways. At CarOnSale, we offer transparent buying and selling of used cars as well as accident cars for commercial customers on our platform. Sellers can market not only accident cars but also trade-ins, lease returns and long vehicles through CarOnSale. With our COSCheck and our unique remarketing technology, sellers and buyers are well supported.

  • Accident cars offer dealers a good chance to get cheap restoration projects
  • Some accident exchanges in Germany allow access to used cars throughout Europe
  • Accident cars are best bought through CarOnSale, as special filters allow the targeted search and vehicle evaluators thoroughly record the vehicles

Accident exchange

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