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Long time seller

Alle Fakten für Autohändler

In the car trade, it sometimes happens that the offered vehicle is sold quickly, this provides more space in the yard and pleases the seller. Unfortunately...

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In the car trade it sometimes happens that the offered vehicle is sold quickly, this provides more space in the yard and pleases the seller. Unfortunately, however, frustration can also arise quickly if a vehicle is not sold and no interested parties call, then such a vehicle can be called a Langsteher. 

The goal should be to have no vehicle over 180 days in the yard. Therefore, in many operations from 90 days standing time, vehicles are defined as Langsteher. In addition to the space that the Langsteher take, these vehicles also steadily lose value. This means that even if you manage to sell the long time after a long time, the profits are small. 

To avoid long time dealers can access our online portal and market vehicles there. Selling through CarOnSale has several advantages for car dealers, besides a larger buyer group, sellers can rely on our unique remarketing technology. By the transparency and the constantly growing offer, you can sell with us comfortably on-line used cars and prevent thereby Langsteher.

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