Truckstore is a brand of Daimler AG founded in 2001. The Truckstore brand offers used commercial vehicles and a broad service portfolio. Services include financing, leasing, rental, buyback and export support. Truckstore was created because Daimler AG was faced with the problem that, due to increased leasing volumes, more and more commercial vehicles were being returned after a short period of time. To counteract this overflow of used commercial vehicles, Truckstore was founded as an intermediary. 

Truckstore now also operates an online platform on which the used commercial vehicles are sold throughout Europe. The platform rates each vehicle in a three-level categorization, with gold being the youngest and best commercial vehicles and bronze being the oldest. 

Whoever wants to successfully buy used commercial vehicles should be precisely aware of their own requirements for a commercial vehicle and make a purchase decision based on this. We at CarOnSale are happy to help you find your way around our auction platform. As a platform for digital trading of used cars and commercial vehicles, we offer a simple solution for buying and selling commercial vehicles. Users who want to buy commercial vehicles for the first time are supported with us with transparent advertisements in the purchase decision.

  • Truckstore is a Daimler AG platform
  • With Truckstore, listings are categorized as gold, silver and bronze
  • commercial vehicles are often sold by car dealers via independent platforms like CarOnSale

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