Over the years, the number of car auctions is growing worldwide. Classically, car auctions were held with physical presence of buyers. Hours before an auction, interested buyers could examine the cars themselves and make a purchase decision. However, car auctions have changed significantly in recent years. Especially through the advancing digitalization offers a wide range of different online auction platforms. 

The online car auctions have both advantages and disadvantages. While you could previously convince yourself of the condition of the vehicle, you have to trust the seller and the information at an online auction. CarOnSale offers complete transparency of the condition with its in-house professional evaluators. The advantages of online car auctions are many. The first advantage is the extended offer, which for some platforms covers the whole of Europe. Another advantage is the simple search functions, through which you can always find the right vehicles. It is only important to choose the right platform. 

  • Auto auctions originated in physical auctions held by well-known auction houses
  • Digital auction houses offer many advantages over traditional auctions
  • Condition should be evaluated by independent evaluators, as is the case with CarOnSale

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