A passenger car is a vehicle with at least two axles and its own drive. A passenger car is intended primarily for passenger transport and can therefore contain a maximum of 9 seats. In addition, a passenger car with cargo may weigh a maximum of 3.5 tons. Vehicles such as buses or trucks do not count as passenger cars but as commercial vehicles. 

To be able to buy used passenger cars, buyers now have many options to do so conveniently from home. While a few years ago you had to make the purchase at the dealership on site, this can now be done completely digitally. Due to the increasing number of digital platforms for the purchase of used cars, the choice and flexibility is also increasing. 

But the digital purchase of used cars also poses challenges. First and foremost, the various providers should be thoroughly compared with each other. The second challenge of buying cars on the Internet is that the vehicles can not be inspected in person. Here you should see what effort the auction platform makes to ensure that the listings are complete and true. At CarOnSale, we have our own evaluators who travel to the dealerships and record the vehicles by condition report. We provide you with the best possible support when buying used cars.

  • Cars are vehicles with a maximum of 9 seats and a weight of up to 9 tons
  • Buses and trucks are therefore not categorized as cars
  • Cars are the largest vehicle category within used cars

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