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In 2020, many businesses and business models have been forced to digitize. This trend does not stop at the car trade, thereby car auctions online are now widespread...

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In 2020, many stores and business models have been forced to digitize. This trend does not stop at the car trade, thereby car auctions online are now widespread. The selection of used cars is huge and is expanded by offers from all over Europe through the customs union. This also poses dangers, as it is difficult to get accurate information about all of them due to the large number of providers of car auctions in Europe. When it comes to car auctions online, it is especially important to note that each auction platform has a different pricing model, which, if not fully transparent, can lead to hidden costs. Especially in B2B car trading, the recurring purchases can quickly accumulate the hidden costs. Still, with the increased supply of car auctions online, and with more dealers on auction platforms, offenders are being uncovered much more quickly. We at CarOnSale also see the future in online car auctions and try to support our customers in the best possible way. Our B2B car auction platform is characterized by transparency and innovation. We understand the problems and requirements that dealers have today for online car auctions and have adapted our business model accordingly. As a result, dealers can conveniently bid for used cars in our car auctions online at

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