Generally, stall days are the time a vehicle is not sold by a dealer and is sitting in the yard. By these stand days also stand costs, which generally describe the costs, which are directly related to the unsaleability of a vehicle. 

Nevertheless, the question arises for many dealers how to calculate stand days and stand costs. Quite simply, stall days are calculated as the time between the arrival of the vehicle and the sale of the vehicle. Calculating this after the fact is not very helpful, but if you can anticipate beforehand how long a car is likely to be standing, this can help with your sales strategy. But again, the problem is that a prior calculation of standing days is only an expected value that depends on many external factors and is rather unreliable. 

Calculating standing costs is again much more fact-based. The standing costs can be determined by combining several factors, quite accurately. These factors are loss of value, storage costs, cleaning costs, costs in case of stand damage and also marketing costs. Being able to calculate booth days and booth costs can help any dealer. However, the goal should be to keep both stall days and stall costs as low as possible. This is where we at CarOnSale can help. We offer with our unique remarketing technology the perfect way to reduce long stand days and thereby keep stand costs low.

  • Days on stand refer to the number of days a vehicle stands on the yard between arrival and sale at the dealer
  • Typical stand costs are maintenance of the vehicles or marketing
  • If a dealer expects high days on stand and thus high stand costs for a vehicle, he should quickly market it as a dealer vehicle

Calculate standing days and standing costs

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