Justice auctions refer to auctions of movable property sold by the judiciary. Mostly it concerns here articles, which were obtained by bailiffs in the context of a compulsory execution.

Due to the wide range of products many bidders are with justice auctions on bargains. Particularly the fluctuating demand makes it possible again and again used articles such as vehicles, electrical appliances or works of art under market value to buy. Therefore also many used car dealers use the auctions of the justice for the purchase of dealer vehicles. Especially in the case of vehicles, however, caution is advised here. These are estimated in value and are usually particularly in demand, resulting in a relatively high price without knowledge of the condition of a vehicle.

At auction platforms for dealers, such as CarOnSale, dealers receive tested vehicles at good prices. The uncomplicated handling, if desired including transport, additionally facilitates the purchase.

  • Justice auctions are auctions of movable items that the state sells
  • Frequently, these are government property or seized items such as vehicles
  • All states now use the platform from NRW. Austrian items are also sold here

Judicial auction

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