A purchase fleet describes a self-purchased company fleet. This offers companies a maximum flexibility and mobility. Nevertheless, many costs are associated with a purchase fleet, this can make a fleet quickly very expensive. 

Therefore, each company should calculate before a purchase fleet is acquired, exactly how much this would cost and set up a concept to be able to market this purchase fleet. In order to market a fleet effectively, the first important decision is whether to sell the vehicles to private customers or to business customers. When selling to business customers, B2B, the seller does not have to offer a warranty, which makes a marketing of the purchase fleet significantly faster and clearer. 

A digital auction platform with many potential buyers, offers the best chance to maximize the profit. To market a purchase fleet of vehicles can be done quickly and easily, especially at CarOnSale. We support you from the creation of the advertisement to the quick payment processing. With our unique remarketing technology, you too can market your fleet of vehicles for sale.

  • A purchase fleet describes a self-purchased company fleet
  • A fleet of purchased vehicles is capital intensive and carries many risks
  • Purchase fleets are best marketed via platforms such as CarOnSale

Purchase fleet of vehicles on the market

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