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Police auction

Alle Fakten für Autohändler

A police auction is generally referred to as an auction where items seized or impounded by authorities are sold. The police auction is held...

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As a police auction is generally called an auction, where authorities seized or impounded items are sold. The police auction is also commonly referred to as a customs auction. In the past, authorities had offered police auctions several times a year, on set dates, where anyone could go and try to buy the items at auction. In the meantime, the Federal Customs Administration offers a permanently running auction platform on the Internet. The auctions on this online platform are conducted and managed by the main customs office in Giessen. Since customs but not only vehicles in the offer, you can find on this platform all sorts of movable items.

What to look for in a police auction? The authorities offer in the auctions items that are previously evaluated by appraisers, so the possibility of a special bargain at a police auction is low. Additionally, it could happen that a vehicle is from a repossession, if the previous owner redeems this vehicle before the auction expires, the auction will be stopped. As of 2018, an average of 1750 auctions were held daily and there are 330,000 registered bidders. So is a police auction worthwhile for buying used cars? 

If you are looking for a specific vehicle, especially a former fire or police vehicle, you can certainly find it. Nevertheless, for the business purchase of used cars, should resort to a platform designed for this purpose. We at CarOnSale offer easy and transparent business purchasing of used cars.

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