Car-e-bid is an auction platform for dealer vehicles. Auctions take place at Car-e-bid twice a week. According to data from 2016, Car-e-bid has 100-150 vehicles in its inventory each week. In 2021, the number is still 45, according to the company's website.

The company offers authorized dealers access to dealer vehicles. Here, the vehicles are individually described and thus offered to buyers. Buyers, who want to go with Zukaufs of dealer vehicles on "number safe", should buy with platforms, which offer exclusively examined dealer vehicles. Like CarOnSale, for example. Thus buyers have full transparency with the vehicle purchase.

  • Car-e-bid is an auction platform for dealer vehicles
  • Auctions take place here twice a week
  • Car dealers use platforms like Car-e-bid or CarOnSale to buy dealer vehicles

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