KFZ-Auktionsportal.de is a trading platform for tradesmen, which enables the purchase and sale to and from tradesmen. The company headquarters of KFZ-Auktionsportal is located in Ingolstadt and the company has been offering the portal for buyers and sellers since 2006. 

When posting a vehicle, sellers can determine the starting price, minimum price and auction duration. In addition, sellers on KFZ-Auktionsportal.de can set each offer with individual terms and conditions. Directly on the following day after a vehicle was stopped, the auction begins. All buyers place their individual maximum bid, if this bid is above the minimum price and outbids the other co-bidders, the bid wins. If the bid was below the minimum price, the seller still has the opportunity to accept the lower bid. Overall, buyers do not have to pay a fee on KFZ-Auktionsportal, while sellers pay for each vehicle posted.

  • Car auction portal is an auction platform from Ingolstadt
  • Vehicles are posted by sellers, each with their own terms and conditions
  • On platforms like CarOnSale, the same terms and conditions apply to all vehicles, which makes purchasing easier


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