BCA, or in long British Car Auctions, was already founded in 1946 in England. On the German market BCA offers physical as well as online auctions. These auctions are exclusively open to traders. The physical auction locations of BCA in Germany are Neuss, Rhine Main/Groß-Gerau, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin East and Heidenheim. 

In the meantime, however, BCA sells over half of all vehicles electronically. Already since 2004, buyers can also participate in the physical auctions online and bid for cars. In 2012, BCA then introduced the interactive online auctions, where buyers can get in touch with the auctioneers through chat functions. BCA is one of the largest providers of B2B car auctions. If you value a more personalized and customer-focused service and want to find good dealer vehicles, you should take a closer look at CarOnSale.

  • BCA is a British auction house
  • The company mainly offers physical auctions and transfers them to the Internet

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