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The company, GWListe, founded in 2006, sees itself as a dealer network. With GWListe mainly used vehicles are marketed, which only...

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The company, GWListe, founded in 2006, sees itself as a dealer network. At GWListe, mainly used cars are marketed, which are only offered to professional car dealers. 

In 2018, GWListe became a part of CarsOnTheWeb, which was acquired in 2019 by KAR Global, a global automotive marketplace provider. GWListe has two different types of auctions. One is the hidden auctions, where current bids from other bidders are not shown, and the other is open auctions, where you can see exactly what is being bid. For buyers, based on the purchase price, fees are charged, while sellers must coordinate individually with GWListe. Additionally, the responsibility of the vehicle condition lies entirely with the seller.

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