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Export vehicles

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The term export vehicles used in the car trade is often misleading. This can quickly lead to mistakes when buying, which is why...

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The term export vehicles used in the car trade is often misleading. This can quickly lead to errors in purchasing, which is why you should try to strive for a clear definition. 

One description of export vehicles is that the vehicles are produced by a manufacturer for a foreign market. Why some manufacturers produce directly for the foreign market can have different reasons, for example, it could be more favorable for the manufacturer to send a model that has specific characteristics, and so is suitable for the foreign market, directly to this country. These export vehicles are accordingly not made available in the manufacturer country, but only in the recipient country. 

But in addition to the "manufacturer-oriented" definition, there is also a definition in the used car trade. Here are export vehicles, such vehicles that are no longer suitable for the domestic market. Factors that classify vehicles as unsuitable are the age, possible damage or even possible regulations, such as environmental zones. Nevertheless, this definition for export vehicles is often used as a sales argument to convince buyers that a vehicle has even more value because it could be exported. Overall, you have to examine each vehicle, including export vehicles, individually on the condition and then price.

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