Auto1 is an online platform belonging to Auto1 Group. In 2012 Auto1 was founded in Berlin with the idea to digitalize the used car trade. Auto1 offers its own range of used cars by using multiple sources of purchases from Auto1. In addition to buying vehicles from private individuals, which was previously an important source of income for the car dealerships themselves, Auto1 also buys vehicles from other sources. Compared to other old providers in the industry, Auto1 does not operate a physical sales floor but handles all B2B trade online. Unlike CarOnSale, however, Auto1 buys the vehicles itself and is thus a seller and not an independent intermediary.

In addition to the B2B platform Auto1, the Auto1 Group includes two other brands. At, private customers can sell their vehicles to the Auto1 Group. On the website, the vehicle data is entered by the private customer and then checked at one of's physical branches. The newest brand from Auto1 Group is Autohero. An online platform where private customers can buy used cars.

  • Auto1 takes over the buying business from car dealerships
  • The company has a platform for dealer vehicles, but also sells vehicles to end customers independently
  • The company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2021

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