Digital auctions are becoming more and more interesting for many dealers and private buyers. But the origin of these auctions lies in physical auctions of the various auction houses. Especially in big cities and metropolitan areas, such presence auctions still occur regularly. A car auction in Hamburg is not uncommon, as the major auction houses operate branch offices there. Auktion & Markt AG, with its Autobid brand, offers auctions at the Hamburg auction center. This auction center was first used in 2004 and can accommodate up to 13,000 vehicles. Another provider in the greater Hamburg area is BCA, which has its auction house in Ellerau. An additional possibility for car auctions in Hamburg are authority vehicles. The city of Hamburg sells used vehicles with the help of the customs administration. Nevertheless, these auctions are now mainly organized digitally. In case you don't want to limit yourself to just one car auction in Hamburg, try out the Germany-wide listings at CarOnSale.

  • Car auctions used to take place all over Germany
  • Nowadays, most auctions take place online, at providers like CarOnSale
  • This offers a lot of benefits for buyers and sellers, such as a wider selection of vehicles

Car auction Hamburg

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