Wholesale for dealers in the automotive industry can be understood as the sale of vehicles to resellers, commercial agents or bulk consumers. For decades, rigid forms of buying and selling have been formed in the auto wholesale for dealers industry. The progress of technology softened these forms over the years and forced many companies, from the traditional, physical wholesale to digitalization. 

This progressive development towards further digitalization poses a challenge for many companies. Old ways of selling are no longer really competitive for the wholesale of vehicles. The digital market offers many opportunities for buyers as well as sellers to adapt. 

We at CarOnSale offer the opportunity to manage sales and purchases through our platform, making the transition to digital business as easy as possible. Car wholesaling needs to evolve over time for dealers just like any other industry, but CarOnSale is happy to guide you through this evolution. 

  • Early, wholesale of vehicles was the main source of purchase for dealer vehicles
  • Meanwhile, digital marketplaces offer more buying opportunities
  • Digital auction platforms, such as CarOnSale, help car dealers go digital

Car wholesale for dealers

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