The European Economic Union offers many opportunities for car trading in general and specifically for online car auctions. Within the customs union, all European citizens can freely buy and sell cars. In different countries, the pricing of manufacturers varies, which can have an effect on the prices of used cars. Therefore, it is understandable that both dealers and private buyers look abroad for possible bargains. Even if a vehicle first appears to be a bargain, there may be some dangers. Therefore, one must be aware of these dangers in order to safely use car auctions throughout Europe. First of all, you should be aware of the transport routes and transport costs and make sure that these costs do not exceed the price of the same vehicle in Germany. In addition, one must pay attention to the fact that vehicles in other countries may have different equipment and extras. This is even more important for car auctions in Europe, because no test drive and inspection can take place. In this case, the dealer should be contacted and asked for the details. Also with the sales contract at car auctions in Europe, it is important to be in constant contact with the dealer to prevent ambiguities and foreign language expressions.

  • With commercial vehicles, one must consider the special types of use
  • Depending on the load of the commercial vehicles, special attention should be paid to wear and tear
  • Auctions for commercial vehicles should therefore only be carried out with vehicle valuations

Car auctions in Europe

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