Every vehicle that has suffered damage from an accident is called an accident car. Each damage leads naturally directly to a depreciation. Nevertheless, this depreciation is often difficult to determine for the untrained eye. For expert prospective customers accident cars offer a good chance to buy vehicles or spare parts favorably by auction. 

To be able to be safe with a purchase decision of accident cars must be analyzed naturally the accident history and repairs most exactly. Also the salesman must take a close look at the vehicle and describe the vehicle condition in detail. Otherwise, if the damage is concealed, the sales contract could be cancelled. Buying accident cars requires a good eye and expertise from buyers but also from sellers. Digital marketplaces can help both parties with the entire process. CarOnSale helps sellers reliably determine the condition through its own evaluators. This helps buyers make an informed purchase decision. In addition, the advanced search function helps buyers purchase ideal accident cars.

  • Accident cars offer dealers a good chance to get their hands on inexpensive restoration projects
  • Frequently, accident vehicles are "cannibalized"
  • for parts, accident cars are best purchased through CarOnSale, as special filters allow for targeted searches and vehicle evaluators thoroughly record vehicles

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