Whether private individual or dealer, if a vehicle is to be sold, the first question is always how much the vehicle is still worth. At the same time, you also have to be clear beforehand when buying how much you are willing to pay. Pricing passenger cars can be difficult because many aspects play an important role in the pricing of passenger cars. The factors include mileage, damage, optional equipment or even the general cleanliness. 

There are various ways to simplify the pricing of the passenger car. Some online platforms offer the possibility of simple search functions to simplify the pricing. This is done by comparing the information about the vehicle with a large database and then using past purchases as a value indicator. However, this is not always reliable, as individual condition and the current market situation are often not taken into account. That's why at CarOnSale we offer our market price inquiry for sellers. Instead of just looking at the pure data, our experts determine the current price on the market. In addition, our condition report, COSCheck, provides the perfect basis for pricing cars.

  • Pricing cars is often complicated due to their very individual features
  • A simple solution is to search for comparable vehicles on online portals
  • The best solution is to use the market price inquiry, for example from CarOnSale

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