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Leasing returns are generally used cars. A lease return is returned by the lessee to the lessor after the agreed period, thereby...

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Leasing returns are generally used cars. A leasing return is returned by the lessee after the agreed period to the lessor, thereby the vehicle was in use and we henceforth classified as a used car. In order to stop the depreciation of the vehicles, many lessors decide to offer these vehicles for sale. What must be considered if you want to buy a lease returns? 

Generally, it can be said that lease returns often offer a higher quality than used cars from private sales. Each leased vehicle must be regularly maintained and possible damage is documented and professionally repaired. Nevertheless, high mileage can occur due to the commercial use of these vehicles and wear and tear can also not be ruled out. 

If you want to buy lease returns, CarOnSale offers a high-quality platform to buy all types of used cars. Even lease returns are checked for quality by COSCheck and as with all other vehicles, condition of the vehicle is communicated transparently. 

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