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Dealer vehicles

Alle Fakten für Autohändler

The prerequisite for this to be able to call a vehicle dealer vehicle is that this vehicle...

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The word dealer vehicles is often used in various situation around the car trade. Nevertheless, a clear definition can and must be created for dealer vehicles to prevent confusion. 

The prerequisite for being able to call a vehicle a dealer vehicle is that this vehicle was sold by one dealer to another. But why is this important? 

There are separate rules for trading in dealer vehicles. The most important difference here is that dealer vehicles may not have a warranty. When selling to the end consumer, the warranty cannot be excluded, so it is important to make a distinction here. When buying dealer vehicles digitally, you must therefore pay close attention to the description of the vehicle and should even insist on a condition report. At CarOnSale, we offer a reliable and transparent source of information on the condition of the dealer vehicle with our COSCheck.

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