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When buying used cars from dealers, there are now many ways to do this from the comfort of your own home. While one...

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With the dealer purchase of used cars, there are now many ways to do this from the comfort of your home. While a few years ago you still had to personally, or represented by a buyer, the dealer purchase used cars at the dealership on site, this can now be done completely digitally. With the increasing number of digital platforms for used car dealer purchasing, the choice and flexibility is also increasing. But digital dealer purchasing of used cars also poses challenges. First and foremost, the various providers should be thoroughly compared. The second challenge when buying used cars from dealers on the Internet is that the vehicles cannot be inspected in person. Here, you should look at what effort the auction platform makes to ensure that the listings are complete and true. At CarOnSale we have our own evaluators who go to the dealerships and record the vehicles by condition report. We provide you with the best support for dealer used car shopping.

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