Buying cars, whether used or new, on the Internet is becoming more and more standard in the car trade. Dealers in particular are also accessing digital B2B trade more frequently. The upswing of online car exchanges for dealers has several reasons and is based on the great accessibility of vehicles , as not only from all over Germany, but from all over Europe online car auctions are offered. Due to the large supply in online car trading, is a great advantage, the lower prices. In addition, car exchanges for dealers increasingly act in an auction principle. Therefore, another advantage is the excitement of bidding at the auctions. Overall, online car exchanges for dealers offer clear advantages. We at CarOnSale offer such a digital car exchange for dealers in B2B used car trading. Through this platform, dealers can not only buy but also sell. Selling through CarOnSale has several advantages, besides a larger group of buyers, sellers can rely on our unique remarketing technology. Through the transparency and the constantly growing offer of our car exchange for dealers, you can conveniently buy and sell used cars online with us.

  • There are car exchanges for both private buyers and dealers
  • When selecting providers, important points should be compared
  • Some car exchanges in Germany allow access to used cars throughout Europe

Car exchanges for dealers

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