With a car it applies as with many things that it must be exchanged with the time. But unlike consumer items, a used car rarely has to be scrapped. Here is the opportunity to sell the car used.

For private individuals, the question arises of how to sell a car used. Usually there are two approaches to this question, on the one hand, you can bring the used car to dealers and get an offer there or you take care of pricing and selling yourself.

But dealers also need to consider how to sell the cars used. In the case of dealers, two important questions arise, should the used car be sold online or offline and should the used car be sold to private customers or in the B2B area to other dealers. Selling a car used on the Internet offers advantages, such as a larger target group. Selling in B2B to other dealers offers the advantage of being able to sell without warranty. CarOnSale combines these advantages and offers a convenient way to sell cars used. With our unique remarketing technology, pricing and handling used car sales is a breeze

  • Used cars can be sold directly to private individuals or traded in at the dealership
  • Dealers must also consider whether to resell vehicles from other brands
  • Dealers must give end customers a one-year warranty on used cars

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