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Volkswagen Polo
81,674 km
95 PS
72 km
German flag
Auction end: 10:11 h
Mercedes-Benz E 220d
AMG Line Automatik
65,447 km
194 hp
72 km
German flag
Auction end: 07:09 h
Audi A3
54,392 km
116 HP
57 km
German flag
Auction end: 05:33 h
Audi Q5
2.0 50 e quattro sport
22,197 km
252 HP
16 km
German flag
Auction end: 18:44 h
BMW M4 Cabrio
DKG Drivelogic
19,558 km
450 HP
63 km
German flag
Auction end: 16:51 h
CarOnSale in North Rhine-Westphalia

In North Rhine-Westphalia, a state where Carnival is a cultural heritage and brown coal mining means home, smart car dealers find their latest auctions at CarOnSale. This is where the future of used car sales unfolds - the go-to place for secure car auctions in NRW. With CarOnSale, the complexities of car auctions become streamlined, offering a seamless experience that places hundreds of quality vehicles from local suppliers at your fingertips. Here, 'car auction North Rhine-Westphalia' isn't just a search term; it's a gateway to unparalleled deals and opportunities for local dealers.

At CarOnSale, we pride ourselves on facilitating a hassle-free auction experience. From COSCheck ensuring each vehicle is up to our stringent standards, to Buy Now Pay Later options for financial flexibility, and the COSCheck Plus Warranty for added security, our services are designed to empower your business. However, the true CarOnSale difference lies in our complete handling of the auction process. Local car dealers in NRW benefit from our extensive network of vehicles, without the burden of bureaucracy. We manage 100% of the process, including inspection, deal processing, and after-sales support, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Our platform is more than just a car auction; it's a vital hub where local dealers can discover, finance, and secure deals on an impressive scale without stepping outside NRW's borders. With CarOnSale, you're not merely buying cars; you're tapping into a service finely tuned to NRW's market dynamics. Boasting over 130 suppliers and a remarkable variety of quality vehicles, our platform hosts daily auctions featuring around 500 cars specifically from NRW. With more than 45,000 units already sold, dealers across the region place their trust in our unparalleled service, ensuring they remain at the forefront of a competitive market.

Discover why CarOnSale is the preferred choice for car auctions in North Rhine-Westphalia. Our commitment to simplifying the buying process, coupled with our dedication to local dealers, makes us the leading online marketplace for used cars in NRW. Don't miss out on the next great deal. The best of NRW's car auctions is waiting for you - exclusively at CarOnSale.

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CarOnSale Car Auction Benefits

Inspection Report

Our in-house experts meticulously conduct a comprehensive 75-point inspection to ensure each vehicle meets our high standards. This thorough assessment includes an extensive vehicle review, from paint density checks to precise tire tread analysis. Additionally, we record engine sounds to guarantee performance quality. Our detailed reports provide all the information needed for informed decision-making.

Purchase Financing

Acquire vehicles now and defer payment to a more convenient time with our Buy Now Pay Later financing option. Designed to assist dealers in preserving their cash flow, this flexible solution allows for immediate response to market opportunities without immobilizing capital. Our program supports your business's agility by facilitating quick acquisitions without immediate financial strain.

Extended Warranty

Offering unparalleled peace of mind, the COSCheck Plus Extended Warranty shields car dealers from unforeseen mechanical issues, covering damages up to €5,000. This essential safeguard kicks in immediately after purchase and extends through the first 1,000 kilometers of your journey, all for an accessible fee of just €99. It's our way of ensuring your investments are protected right from the start.

Testimonials from North Rhine-Westphalia

Dominique W. FB
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A very fair and reliable partner for years. I have never had any problems with the company and the processing is excellent! I can only recommend them.
Compared to other auction platforms, CarOnSale is miles ahead. I'm responsible for purchasing at the dealership myself and have been very impressed so far. Both in terms of the organization of the site, contact persons in sales and the back office. CarOnSale keeps up with the times and the current changes in the automobile trade.
Matthias R.
Olaf B.
google logo
Very good cooperation at eye level. Highly recommended.
Very competent employees work there! Everything works as agreed, quickly, friendly and professionally. That's how it should be.
Julian S.
Günther J.
google logo
Top cars, good rating, smooth processes, good contact.
We are very satisfied with CarOnSale. It offers a platform that presents vehicles clearly and accurately described. The availability and service is excellent. Many thanks for the excellent support to our contact person Ms. Hofer.
Oli V.
Reform 2
google logo
Great process and good results. It can go on like this. Thanks to the CoS team.
I must honestly say, so far all problems have been dealt with directly, always available and helpful, Khalife says thank you.
Christian T.
Josef D.
google logo
Absolute recommendation, reliable, customer-oriented and always available, rarely been so satisfied - keep it up!
Endeavor to handle everything correctly and well.

Prejudices against platforms like CarOnSale - and our response

How can I take part in the car auctions in NRW on CarOnSale?

Participating in car auctions in your region is very easy on CarOnSale. Use our intelligent search filters to search specifically for vehicles in North Rhine-Westphalia. Simply enter your zip code and browse the results. Our marketplace is constantly expanding, so we recommend regularly searching for regional auction rooms. In addition, you will receive suitable vehicle offers in your mailbox based on your preferences.

Where do the used cars in the car auctions in North Rhine-Westphalia come from?

CarOnSale works together with a large number of renowned authorized dealers from the NRW region. The goods on our marketplace are mostly lease returns, trade-ins or other high-quality dealer stock. Our suppliers often offer these vehicles because they concentrate on the new car business and therefore have no use for used cars.

How high are the fees?

We charge a fair platform fee for successful auctions. This scale is based on the vehicle price and is capped above a certain amount. However, we assure you that your investment will pay off. Our transparent listing of costs ensures fair pricing for both buyers and sellers.