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Why CarOnSale Stands Out in B2B Car Exchange?

Our services extend beyond car auctions. We offer a holistic solution, handling every aspect of the process, from vehicle valuation to transportation.

This includes managing billing, document transfer, handle complaints, secure payments via COSPay, and assist with tax refunds for imports or exports.

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75 points check
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In-house evaluators
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Detailed vehicle exposé with paint density, tire tread measurement and engine sound recording
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Only 99 EUR
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Up to 5.000€ secured
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Insure yourself against undetected mechanical damage up to 1000 KM after purchase
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Safe and fast
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Digital purchase transaction
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Secure and fast payment via COSPay! You will see the invoice immediately in the app or by mail
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8-10 working days
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document dispatch
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Delivery directly to the yard with real-time status updates on pickup and delivery dates
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The Dealer-to-Dealer Used Car Exchange

We offer a online used car exchange that's changing the landscape of online car auctions for dealerships and car dealers across Europe.

At CarOnSale, we are dedicated to empowering car dealers like you by creating a streamlined, efficient online auction platform for buying used cars.

While we have a robust presence in Germany and Austria, our services reach across whole Europe, ensuring a broad array of regional and overregional used cars for you to choose from.

CarOnSale isn't just a digital platform; we're a trusted partner for car dealerships, providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for B2B car trading.

We are a premier B2B marketplace, specializing in detailed used car exposés. Coupled with our focus on customer support, this elevates us above our competitors.

Why Choose CarOnSale for B2B Car Auctions?

Our services extend beyond car auctions. We offer a holistic solution, handling every aspect of the process, from vehicle valuation to transportation.

This includes managing billing, document transfer, handle complaints, secure payments via COSPay, and assist with tax refunds for imports or exports.

CarOnSale simplifies the process of used car trading for dealers, helping you focus on growing your business.

With our industry expertise and customer-centric approach, we're here to ensure that your experience with us is profitable and smooth.

All vehicles carrying this seal have been thoroughly evaluated by our expert in-house evaluators through a rigorous 75-point check. Including detailed vehicle exposé with paint density and tire profile measurement as well as engine noise recording and many more.
We take care of vehicle transfer
in 8-10 working days, directly to your dealership. Complete with document handling and real-time updates
inside the app on transfer status.
Efficiency, convenience, and transparency tailored for car dealers.
CarOnSale's premier payment system, ensures dealers experience both safe and fast transactions. Designed with precision, our platform streamlines your deals, safeguarding every purchase while delivering speed and digital reliability.
COSCheck Plus warranty offers dealers a safety net, insuring vehicles against undetected mechanical damages up to €5000.
Valid for the first 1000 kilometers post-purchase, this assurance, available for an additional €99, acts as a testament to our commitment to quality and transparency.

Vehicle valuation and appraisals

Get an overview of the vehicle exposés on CarOnSale now! Click through our slider

We offer detailed vehicle reports incl. PDF download. Convince yourself of exposés far above the industry standard!

CarOnSale's comprehensive 75-point check captures and documents even the smallest anomalies.

CarOnSale at a glance

The COSCheck seal confirms the inspection and upload by our CarOnSale appraisers on site!

The COSCheck Plus warranty protects you against unrecognised mechanical damage up to an amount of € 5,000!

With COSCargo we deliver your vehicle directly to your yard in 5-10 working days. You will receive online status updates on pick-up and delivery dates at any time!

360° condition overview

With our innovative 360-degree status overview, you can see damage and conspicuous features at a glance.

The color-coded differentiation between conspicuous features and vehicle damage allows you to quickly and easily assess the condition.

Detailed damage images and condition reports additionally support you in choosing your bid.

Measurement and recording

All vehicles on CarOnSale are checked by our experts for paint thickness. Potential damage is thus detected at an early stage and marked in the exposé!

Rely on the tire tread measurement at CarOnSale. The condition then appears in the gradations of green, yellow, red in the exposé!

You will also find sound recordings of the engine in our vehicle exposés.
As if you were there yourself!

Auction item details

The pictures tab contains photos such as body, vehicle interior, mileage, tires, engine, vehicle documents, number of keys and many more.

In condition tab we keep detailed photos of paint damage, scratches and other wear and tear such as upholstery & windshield damage.

Under video tab, our appraiser will take you through the vehicle via video so you can get an overall impression of the item.

Car dealer details

The CarOnSale vehicle exposé gives you information about important key points about the seller of the used car.

The information on the type of dealer, whether it is an authorized dealer, a fleet provider or an independent dealer, should be emphasized.

Here you will find information about the approximate location of the used car as well as the possibility of an express pick-up.
You have a very high level of certainty when bidding on vehicles
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Registration Process in 3 Steps

Fill out our registration form with your company details
Receive a confirmation email shortly after registration and confirm it
Once you've uploaded all the documents, your test account will be fully activated

Why Do Dealers Trust Our Car Exposés?

The cornerstone of our service is trust! We understand that trust is vital in the online used car auction business.
To reassure you of our commitment to quality, we've introduced the COSCheck seal.

All vehicles carrying this seal have been thoroughly evaluated by our expert in-house evaluators through a rigorous 75-point check.

This transparent process, coupled with our dedication to providing detailed car exposés, goes far beyond the industry standard, offering a level of quality and assurance that's unrivaled in online used car auctions.

The in-depth approach is part of our continuous effort to provide you with comprehensive information, allowing you to bid with complete confidence.

Paint Thickness

Our vehicle assessor inspect the consistency across various parts of a vehicle to detect past damages that might have been repaired. By identifying deviations in paint thickness, dealers gain crucial insights into the vehicle's history, ensuring informed decisions and genuine transparency for potential buyers.

Tyre Profile

CarOnSale's Tyre Profile Measurement offers dealers a precise evaluation of tyre wear and overall condition. The condition then appears in the gradations of green, yellow, red in the exposé, however also information regarding the tire type and wheel rim are included.

Engine Sound

Engine sound recording is a significant component of our vehicle assessment.
By analyzing sound patterns, dealers can identify potential issues or inconsistencies within the engine's operation, enhancing the accuracy of evaluation and the reliability of resale.

Video Recordings

Our video recordings offer a meticulous visual review of each vehicle.
By capturing every angle and detail, these recordings support dealers in gaining an in-depth understanding of a car's condition. This visual documentation serves as a valuable resource in the resale process.

360° Overview

The 360° damage overview is a comprehensive inspection that highlights any imperfections in a vehicle, big or small. This exhaustive examination ensures that dealers have a complete understanding of the car's condition, fostering trust and transparency in transactions.

Bidding Style

Choose your bidding style:
manual, via our bidding agent, or through the service agent. Our bidding agent optimizes bids in set increments, ensuring competitive offers. If outbid or below a seller's minimum, the agent acts swiftly to adjust. Experience seamless bidding.

Car Exchange for Dealers

The rise of digital technology has opened up exciting opportunities in automotive trading. By harnessing the power of digitalization, we are helping car dealers across Europe streamline their operations and maximize profitability. Our marketplace provides an intuitive, user-friendly experience, equipped with smart search features that allow you to easily find the best deals. Additionally, with our proactive notification system, you can stay informed about newly available cars that match your preferences.

Expanding Your Reach in Car Exchange

With CarOnSale, the barriers of geography no longer exist. Our platform allows you to access and participate in auctions from anywhere in Europe. This opens up a world of opportunities, bringing a vast selection of used cars directly to your digital doorstep, catering to businesses of all sizes.

What our customers say about us

Sławomir Pietrzak
Very nice and competent people who work at Caronsale. Very good contact and every time a smooth transaction. Participating in the auctions at Caronsale are always pleasant and professionally conducted. Greetings to the whole team and I will certainly recommend you to others.
Autopark Castrop-Rauxel
Good service thanks to our contact person Ms Kaloglou. She is and was very helpful and courteous. We have only had good experiences with CarOnSale. Accordingly, always happy to do business with us again!
Irgen Bathorja
Very nice and friendly team. I can only recommend the CarOnSale platform for other dealers.
Edon Vrella
They are professionals! Very patient and friendly, was supported step by step!

Frequently asked questions

How does the CarOnSale process work?

CarOnSale offers more than just car auctions: We offer a comprehensive solution for the entire purchase process from vehicle evaluation to transportation. This includes invoicing, document transfer, complaint handling, payment processing and vehicle transport.

What does CarOnSale cost me?

For a successful vehicle purchase, fees apply, starting at €89 and capped at an upper limit. You can view all incurred costs transparently in your account at any time.

Which documents do I need for registration?

Since CarOnSale is a marketplace for commercial used car dealers, we are legally obligated to review the following documents from you:
1. Your trade registration/commercial register extract. | 2. Your passport or national ID card (front and back). | 3. Your VAT identification number (USt-ID).

How long does the activation of my account take?

Upon receipt of your documents, they will be reviewed and your access will be activated for bidding within one business day.

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