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Calculate the fair market purchase and marketing price with the help of our market price enquiry.

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Free vehicle evaluation on site including the preparation of the advertisement

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Risk-free marketing - you pay only 99€ in case of success

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Our new market price enquiry is here!

Calculate the purchase and marketing price in line with the market in just a few seconds.
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Free vehicle valuation

Vehicle appraisers record the vehicles and create an advertisement free of charge.

The vehicle valuers are experienced in recording vehicles for dealer auctions and create an advertisement based on the vehicle valuation. This gives buyers the transparency they need to make high bids for their vehicle.
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Personal contact person

Your personal contact person is there to help you with any questions you may have.
Whether by telephone or in a personal conversation, your contact person is there for you from day one. Since CarOnSale takes care of all communication with the customer for you, he or she will clarify all buyer questions for you in the background. This makes the marketing of dealer vehicles quite uncomplicated for you.
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Risk-free marketing

Benefit from top prices at car auctions and pay only €99 if the sale is successful.

At CarOnSale you have full transparency over your car auctions. With our own payment service provider COSPay, you know the status of payments at all times and can therefore release the vehicles without risk. This service is available to you at no additional cost and you only pay for the auction if the vehicle has actually been sold.
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Cheap transport

COSCargo transports all vehicles, even those that are not traded via CarOnSale, cheaply throughout Germany.

Book COSCargo and transport your vehicles cheaply and reliably throughout Germany. Since COSCargo also transports all vehicles that were not sold via CarOnSale, you can offer your customers a vehicle delivery or have purchased vehicles brought to the yard
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Market price inquiry

CarOnSale's market price enquiry helps you find the right purchase price.

Based on the comprehensive COS transaction database and the many years of experience of our team of experts, the current market price for your vehicle is determined within the shortest possible time. So you always buy at the right price.
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...and many more advantages!


The great thing about the CarOnSale process is that we don't have to do anything.

Frieder Bayer
Sales Manager
‍Auto Bayer Group

CarOnSale for sellers

If you are a car dealer and would like to sell your used cars via our portal, you can book a CarOnSale vehicle appraiser after registering. To do this, simply make an appointment for the experienced appraiser to visit you and inspect all the cars you would like to offer for remarketing in used car auctions. On this basis, we will prepare a detailed condition report - the basis for every listing in the auction, so that you can achieve the highest possible returns in car auctions for dealers.

Subsequently, your vehicles will be offered at our car auctions. Through the CarOnSale platform, you have full visibility into the status of the auctions at all times. You can also track the payment transactions through our platform's own payment system, COSPay, so that you can release your automobiles to the buyer without hesitation.

As a special service, we provide you as a registered seller with a personal contact person. This person will take care of communication with potential buyers and advise you on all matters relating to B2B used car sales. The car auctions thus run completely smoothly for you! For our comprehensive service, we only charge you a small fee per auctioned vehicle in the event of success - this means that you retain full cost control and can make reliable calculations even before the auction. There are no additional costs for the vehicle valuation, the professional preparation of the advertisement and the personal contact person.

To round off our offer, COSCargo provides you with an inexpensive transport option for your dealer vehicles. You can use this service not only for vehicles from B2B used car auctions, but it is also available for all transports, for example for the transport of accident vehicles.

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Frequently asked questions

What's in it for you?

CarOnSale offers car dealers the opportunity to market dealer vehicles smoothly. One of our vehicle valuers comes round, produces a comprehensive condition report and at the same time the advert. You tell us the minimum price you want and we market the vehicle to 35,000 dealers across Europe. CarOnSale also takes care of the entire transaction for you. No more annoying renegotiations or complaints. With the condition report, you are completely covered and can concentrate on your core business.

What does CarOnSale cost me?

CarOnSale does not charge a basic fee, nor do you pay for the vehicle appraiser to record the vehicle. Only when your vehicle has been successfully marketed do you pay 99 EUR.

How do I book a vehicle valuer?

You arrange a regular appointment with us at which our vehicle assessor visits you and records all the vehicles that you have accumulated. There is no minimum quantity of vehicles. Simply contact your account manager.

Can I also book transport via CarOnSale for vehicles that have not been auctioned via the platform?

Yes, our COSCargo transport service is available to you for all vehicle transports. You can also use it to deliver vehicles externally. You can find more information about this at www.caronsale.de/cargo. You can also book directly online at www.cargo.caronsale.de/.